Walls Gone Wild

After applying the Kon Mari method to our closet, it looked...bare to say the least.  Marie Kondo encourages her clients to add bits of "joy" to their space and for me that was going to mean wallpaper, finally!  I've always wanted to wallpaper a space in our house and thought this small, personal, space was the perfect place to start.  

I opted for removable wallpaper simply because it was cheaper and the finality of a wall treatment was too much for me to handle.  I wanted something moody, elegant, and classy.  After ordering a couple of samples, we decided on the Josie from Wallpaperie.  

I read a couple blogs here and there to get a sense of "best practices" like wipe down the walls, start top to bottom and left to right, blah blah.  I probably could have read a bit more before I dove right in, but I was too excited.

There were a lot of tricky parts to wallpaper around like the door and the built-in shelves.  However, I found it easy to cover whatever it was and use a craft knife to make a cut in the middle which allowed the paper to be pressed however which way you needed.  Once all the corners and edges were tucked, a clean cut was all that was needed.  

Before                                                                                          After
A few things I learned:

Be patient.
Align the patterns before cutting.
Be patient.
Air bubbles can be eliminated by inserting a pin to "pop" it and smoothing the air out.
Be patient.

I love staring at this wallpaper every night and every morning :)  I'm still trying to figure out how to best utilize the space and add more "joy" to it which means endless nights scouring Pinterest.